2 Garmin not recognized by Garmin Express or Basecamp, or Win 10 file explorer

I have 7 Garmin GPS and have connected them to Win 10 computer last year, updated maps, and transferred routes.

With no known changes, my 2597 GPS and 2557 GPS will not be recognized (but they were recognized before).

I tried all the FAQ suggestions, and read 3 similar threads and followed advice to hold upper right volume page to get to Mass Storage setting, I went into computer power settings and turned off "USB Selective Suspend". I rebooted, faced East, etc.

I have 4 Garmin branded cables that came with GPS including these 2, and one of them was new in wrapper. None will allow data access but instead instantly go to start up GPS with announcement that it isn't the Traffic Cable, but charges the unit and GPS on without the "mass storage" icon that we want.

All of my cables will work perfectly with 2 older GPS, a Nuvi 50 and a 1450. So it isn't the cables. I also tried them on a different computer, no change.

I am really baffled because the freakin things were working with the same computer last year, no known changes (other than forced Windows updates).

I updated Garmin Express just now, but still not recognize these 2 GPS. they show up on the home screen (historically) but say not connected. I can't even update the software for the devices when Garmin Express says an update is available.

These 2 have seen light use (2597 GPS and 2557 GPS) and they both won't connect simultaneously, neither one has a loose USB fitting. I did a "restore settings" on one of them and no joy, so I am out of answers.

  • Just a wild guess, try using USB2 ports if you have some.  On my machine, none of my garmin devices can be seen using USB3 ports.

  • Thanks - no joy on USB2 (or USB3) yet my 2597 GPS and 2557 GPS were both recognized on that same computer (my Nuvi 50 and a 1450 continue to be recognized just fine and show the "connection icon" rather than boot to GPS which is what my 2597 GPS and 2557 GPS are doing now.)

    Since making this post yesterday, I have checked all 4 of these GPS on 3 computers including one running rock solid Win 7 but none of them recognize my 2597 GPS and 2557 GPS. Not going through a hub on USB, and trying multiple cables including branded Garmin cables that came with the units, one was brand new never opened.

    I could understand one GPS failing, but both of them simultaneously? they both work fine as GPS, both have strong batteries (put a new one in the 2597 GPS last month)

  • USB Contacts

    I talked to Lisa at Garmin support.1) I was amazed she was willing to talk with me about a 7 year old Nuvi 2) She doesn't think a replacement cable will solve the issue because the factory cables I have that came with them work fine on my other older Nuvi 1490, and Nuvi 50. they go into "data transfer" mode. 3) she is pretty sure it is the actual physical USB port on the back of the Nuvi. Odd that it happened to both of them at the same time, but she says I tried every other diagnostic and it has to be a bad connection at the unit. 4) I had already taken both GPS apart to see if the circuit board connection to USB part was broken, and they were strong and did not move when manipulated. 5) She thinks a contact could be corroded, or connector tab pushed out of place. One of my remedies was to "wiggle" the connection and that did nothing. 6) Here's a photo using USB microscope, I tried contact cleaner but the appearance did not change, and still no data connection. Then I sprayed the hell out of it and manipulated the cable in and out many times hoping to clean any corrosion at contact points (nothing to lose) and no improvement in connection. 7) I researched the USB Mini B specs, and why it was discontinued. They have a much shorter life cycle than the smaller "micro B" that replaced it in terms of the connections failing.
    "A major factor in abandoning mini-USB is that it was fatally flawed mechanically. Most people who have used a mini-USB device which requires many insertions will have experienced poor reliability after a significant but not vast number of uses.
    The original mini-USB had an extremely poor insertion lifetime - about 1000 insertions total claimed. That's about once a day for 3 years. Or 3 times a day for one year.  For some people that order of reliability may be acceptable and the problems may go unnoticed. For others it becomes a major issue. A photographer using a flash card reader may expend that lifetime in well under a year." electronics.stackexchange.com/.../why-was-mini-usb-deprecated-in-favor-of-micro-usb