I keep getting Express.exe error when I shutdown PC (v7.4.1.0)

  • Uninstall and install the latest version.

  • I have/had this problem. Reinstalling didn't help. The Garmin Helpdesk were no help either, they just had me doing the same things over and over again, and sometimes they asked me to send in Log reports. One of the Garmin experts did suggest a get around which was:-

    1. Open Garmin Express;

    2. At the top of the Garmin Express window, there is a symbol that looks like a cog - it is just left of the '?'. Click on it;

    3. In General Settings there is a ticked box identified as 'Always keep Garmin Express running in the background'. Click on the box, to get rid of the tick. Shutdown this time may still show the fault, but in future, shutdowns wont. However, be aware of s/w updates reticking this box, so bringing back this problem.

    Garmin Helpdesk never did find a real cure to this, and I suspect you and I may be in a very small group of Garmin users with this problem so dont expect a proper solution soon (except by chance). I did find that if you waited at least 35 seconds after closing Garmin Express, the shutdown problem didn't seem to occur, but who remembers to do that every time.

  • I performed the uninstall and install that SUSSAMB recommended. The latest version is Since then, the problem has not shown up. Previously, the issue had occurred at least every other day. I'll post if the problem does reoccur.

  • I get the error as well and had found that not letting it startup automatically solved it.  And yes a software update seems to re-enable this.  I didn't know about the setting and found it in task manager/startup and disabled it there.

  • If your question is addressed to me (I got an email supposedly from you twice with that question), the answer is Yes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice, and I still have the problem (if I leave that "Always keep Garmin Express running in the background" box ticked).

  • For what it is worth I have uninstalled and reinstalled yet again (last night). I have been on version for several weeks. I still have the shutdown problem if I don't clear that tick.

    Garmin have been in touch to ask if I still have this problem