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Trying to install Garmin Express v7.5.0 but downloading required components fails and pop up says "Cannot install on this computer" (Win 7 SP1 / .net 4.5.1 installed)

I haven't used my Nuvi 2545 for a couple of years but I needed to do so today and was prompted to update my software when I switched it on. When I connected it up to my PC and started up the Garmin software I was told that my software was incompatible with GDPR changes and I had to update it to the latest version. After downloading the Garmin Express.exe file I ran it but when it was downloading required components it stopped about a fifth of the way through. It tried again for another two attempts then I got a pop up which says "Cannot install on this computer".I've tried it several times now, I've completely uninstalled the previous version and deleted it from the registry but still the same thing happens. I've also tried it with previous versions 7.3.1 and and I still get the same result.

Has anyone else had the same problem?