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I keep getting Express.exe error when I shutdown PC (v7.4.0.0)

As per the previous thread that now has been locked:

The error sadly persists - just witnessed it myself after I updated to v7.4.0.0:

The funny thing is - as per the above screen - I've not seen it for quite some time...! It only cropped up today, immediately once I updated GE to the latest version (v7.4.0.0) and logged out later.

  • the  same here
    Aplikace: express.exe
    Verze Framework: v4.0.30319
    Popis: Proces byl ukončen z důvodu neošetřené výjimky.
    Informace o výjimce: kód výjimky c0000005, adresa výjimky 6046B522

    on both my computers. 

  • Same thing here version

    My fix was the following

    click on settings > uncheck Always keep Garmin Express running in the background > click ok

    hope this helps someone.


  • I have used Garmin Express to sync my cycling gps Touring Edge and Edge 530 as well as my Honda Accord GPS for years, without much in the way of issues, but recently, shortly after updating my Garmin Express software, I started getting an error message almost every time I shut down Windows 10 or reboot. 

    The message reads:  Express.exe Application error.

    The instruction at (memory address) referenced memory of (memory address).  The memory could not be read. 

    Click on OK to terminate the program. 

    I updated again today to the latest Garmen express version TODAY (version, hoping this would fix the issue, but it continues. 

    I have found similar posts on the Microsoft forum as well as several on the Garmin forum, here, but they seem to have been closed.  I did not see any real conclusions, but if I missed something, I am hoping someone (or Garmin) has found a solution.    (besides not loading Garmin software at startup..or not loading in background...which is a work a round, but not a solution)

    Please advise.  Thanks. 

  • GE updated to, so we can expect this thread to be closed soon. Garmin seem to be updating GE more often - let's hope they've finally fixed the shutdown error bug. So far I've not had the error when I shutdown my PC since updating, but I've had these false dawns before. I will update if I get the error again if not on this thread, then on another new thread.

  • Has anyone else updated to I've haven't seen the shutdown error since I updated. Seems as though the issue has been resolved.

  • Has anyone else updated to

    So far, so good.