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Map update won't install / cannot unlock maps

I've seen similar posts to this problem, but found no workable solutions as yet.

I connect edge 1000 to Garmin Express. It said (some time ago) a map update was available (for the UK). I then try to update the maps and the install fails: "there was an error installing the update".

When powering up (with or without a SD card(, the device then says "cannot unlock maps" - which is not surprising really, as the map install fails. This situation just repeats over and over again. 

I have tried to reinstalling the maps a number of times, formatting the SD card. Garmin support have advised to remove some (but not all - leave gmapprom.img file) GMAP files and the garmin device.xml file, remove the device from garmin express and then add it again, reconnect to it, reinstall maps. I have done this and the reinstall fail just keeps reoccurring. 

I'm basically left with a unit that has no map functionality at all. Is there a master reformat or something that you can do?  I have reset the device a number of times already

  • Is garmin express offering you a firmware update as well at the same time. I had similar issue last week with maps I downloaded the firmware update and restarted the edge and allowed that to complete. I then attached to garmin express again and the map update proceeded ok

  • all these answers are cryptic and I can;t firgure out how to restore my Garmin to show me any maps, except of course, by buying Garmin's "updated" maps.  This is nothing but a money grab, as far as I can tell

  • This is an old thread. If you have issues please start a new thread explaining your problem.  To answer you accurately you need to explain which device and which map you're talking about.