I can't find any gps signal and its says that I have a 0.00 GPS software version. I tryed to downgrade the Garmin version, current it is v3.30, I tryed it with an old gupdate.gcd version, but when I restart my edge, Its like he doesn't know anything about the file. It doest downgrade it.. As well, when garmin express put the new files that contains the gps info, when I disconnect the device, and start to update the new files, it shows an update error. 

I'd apreciate your help,

Kind regards.

  • I remember a couple of years ago my Garmin Edge 305 had a similar problem. The fix at that time was to copy the gupdate.gcd file to the device, but before you switch it on again in order for the device to update, you had to connect it to the charging cable, which was plugged int a charger plugged into a wall electricity outlet. Sounds improbable, but it worked. Maybe you can try it like that?