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Garmin Express saying Nuvi 1450 Doesn't Have Space (SD Card installed)

Hi all,

Trying to install updates on my Nuvi 1450.  I have installed an SD card into the unit and Garmin Express still says "there isn't enough space to install this update"

(I looked up on Garmin's support pages and the device won't support cards larger than 32 GB.  I installed a 16 GB formatted to FAT 32 as the device requires)

Is there no way to move the existing maps to the SD card, and then force the update onto the SD card itself?  There are also localization / misc updates that are queued for the device.  I just don't know why I can't update anything despite having an SD card inside the GPS Unit.

Any advice is welcome...

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  • Hi

    Clearing the space as per your post above (marked as answer) and then updating the device worked.

    100 MB is the amount of space it needed to see "free" in order to attempt any update.

    The update seemed to move the entire map image and some other files to the SD card.  The garmin device itself now has 1 GB of storage free while the SD card has 3 GB or so of space used (12 GB still free, more than enough for future updates should we need to go that route -- pun intended ;) ) 

    After updating successfully through Garmin Express, it restarted the device a few times and it looks to be in order.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!  Hope you stay safe during these covid times