Issues with GPSmap 620 and New Purchased Maps

Hello everyone,

I own a GPSmap 620 device and it connects perfectly fine to Garmin Express.  I just recently purchased the Lakevu Ultra Canada charts.  I received a confirmation of the order and that I could download them through Garmin Express.  However, the item does not come up under Purchased items.  I have signed in to my account.  I then proceeded to creating a Vessel and the purchase does show up there but the download link is greyed out.  It does indicate there are no devices registered to my account under the "Vessel" section, which I'm not sure why as I do see the GPSmap 620 on my Garmin account online.  When I try to add the device and follow the screen prompts for inserting an SD card with the device info it doesn't successfully add the device, yet that is how I added the device to Garmin Express in the first place.  I'm very confused as to what the issue could be and just looking for any help anyone can provide to resolve this issue if possible, otherwise I may need to go to Garmin Support.  

Thanks in advance.