Garmin Express crashes when downloading new map

Ok, where to start.. I bought new map from Garmin web store on Friday. Installed Garmin Express to my up to date Win10 laptop. GE sync's OK with my device (Edge 820 plus), but when I to go to purchased maps and start downloading the following happens:

- The process starts "Getting your device ready" and hangs there for minute or two and the GE crashes.

- After rebooting and dancing naked around the laptop and restarting the process it start downloading process, but does not proceed and GE crashes

- All of above, reboot and etc. it starts downloading BUT will always crash at 49.5%

I have done all tips&trick from the FAQ.. I have disabled firewall, I have tried in safe mode, running as admin, uninstalled, reinstalled. I there any other way of getting the map to the device other that the Garmin Express?

I've spent real money here to get the map and it is totally useless now. What a disappointment. I have MacBook as well, which might work, however it is business laptop and writing to USB device is disabled, so I cannot try it.

All help would be greatly appreciated!!!