Fenix 6x Won't Sync with Express After Freeze

Hello Everyone,

Looking for some help with a bit of puzzle here.

Widows 10 System, was running Garmin Express to update maps on my Fenix 6x.  System froze and I had to force reboot the computer, and now Express won't recognize the 6x.

Puzzle pieces...

I've done soft reboot of 6x.

Complete uninstall and reinstall of all Garmin software on computer.

Computer recognizes 6x in mass storage mode and I can browse files on it.

Computer and Garmin Express still work fine with my inReach Mini.

I installed Express software on my wife's laptop (thinking I'll know it's the watch if it doesn't sync), but my wife's computer and Express are fully functional with 6x and it all works?

So apparently Express on my computer can't see 6x for some reason...but the watch is working with another computer and my computer and software work with my other Garmin devices?

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!