Garmin Express software update (7.8) results in nuvi 250W that freezes


About 3 weeks ago I plugged all 4 of my Garmin satnavs into GE to keep them up to date. 3 suggested software updates, one suggested software and maps. I updated all. The one I use most is a nuvi 250W that until then had been completely reliable. Since the software update it now freezes. Its frozen displaying the map, frozen on the "loading maps" start up page, froze on the man menu. When it freezes, the power button doesnt function. You either wait for the battery to run out or press the reset tab under the serial number sticker.

Garmin have suggested the usual soft and hard resets (power off, wait, power on!! really ?, reset tab, keeping your finger on the bottom right and switching on, erase all data, etc.)

they have now given up, and suggestd I buy a new satnav................well, they offered a trade in which is basically the same thing.

So in short, GE has in some way corrupted a perfectly usable satnav and Garmin have washed their hands of it.

Excellent support, excellent software, but can anyone a bit more knowledgeable suggest another way round it ?

The system software is 7.80, maps are quite old (2005) but the roads round me don't change that much.

Of the other 3 units, two are older (205 and another 250W) which seem ok, but aren't used very much, the other is a 42 which updated to a different software version and appears ok.