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My Kenwood Head unit will not update

When i purchased my car it came with a kenwood DNX4330DAB running garmin maps, the other day it said the maps were a bit old so it will need a update.
Anyways i went through the kenwood website searching how to update it.
It tells me
Insert SD Card into your navigation unit.
2 On the navigation interface, touch:
Settings > Device > Update Map
(This will initiate data export from the navigation unit onto your SD Card)
If the Update Map button is not available on the device, please click here to update the software on the device first.
3 When the export is complete, remove your SD Card
4 Insert the SD Card into your computer and click the Read Media button below

Although im stuck on step 2 and when i try export the maps onto the SD card , it tells me the data could not be written, please visit the garmin website. I cant find this anywhere !
Although my head deck was recently updated to version .1.60 which should be the latest update..
anyone know anything about this ?