garmin expresse nor webupdater recognise device

hi, i've got a nuvi 1390. yesterday it gave me this error message: "FM Traffic provider database missing. Go to to download it." today it erased all my maps...

i changed pc since last time i updated it so i initially installed gamin express on my new windows 8 pc, but it did not find any connected devices. gps was connected via usb and turned on.

i then tried webupdater and had the same issue.

tried turning it on and off a few times, different usb cables and even a different pc. all had the same issue.

when i initially connect the gps, windows explorer shows the device as a removable disk with lots of folders with weird names like "α0αÄ^.O"

i really dont want to format it and erase all my favorites... is there any other solution?

    Unfortunately, there is no other solution. The description of the folders on the device indicate that the nuvi 1390 has malfunctioned and will need to be replaced. You could format the device but there are some system files that cannot be recovered using WebUpdater or Garmin Express and the device may not function properly afterwards.