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Missing Waypoints after importing gdb files

I imported 8 routes from basecamp into my 2460. With Trip Planner being their desired destination.

Of those 7 imported perfectly and for some odd reason, one will not no matter what I try.

The one that will not import properly appears fine on the map in Basecamp. When I create a route, it looks fine and everything looks perfect.

However, after sending it to the device, only the first and last waypoints are in the trip planner.

I have gone back, reconnected my device to the computer several times, deleted everything I could find on the device (GPS) related to that trip
and re-routed the segment several times yet it always comes back into the GPS missing all but the first and last waypoints.

Is there anything in general I could look for?

Is there a way to view the raw files in Basecamp to see if there are problems with the data?

This one has me stumped so far.

On the device, all the waypoints get imported into Favorites, but NOT into the trip planner.
The Travel time for the broken route which is only 21.5 miles claims it will take 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive that 21 miles?
In Basecamp, the details for the route correctly show ALL the waypoints, driving instructions etc. It seems the problem is outside of Basecamp.