BirdsEye download limit

Are there plans to restore the size of the download? I bought a GPSMAP 62s the other day and I can appreciate that my current BirdsEye membership isn't transferable. But at the same time, I don't see punishing myself to re-download all the maps that I have downloaded at the reduced limit, so I need to know if I'm going to purchase another membership. Thanks.
  • If you get a new BirdsEye subscription for the new device you do not need to re-download the images. Just copy and paste them to the new device and it will verify the subscription and change the license on the pasted image file to the device that it is being copied to.
  • Ah! Thanks for the reply, I suspected that, but I would still like to get an official confirmation before I spend money on nother subscription. Also, I would like to know what the official response is regarding the download limit. I cannot find any reference after it was changed. Please?
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    Todd is correct. Just copy it to the new device and you're ready to go. I've attached a screenshot of the re-authorization dialog you should see and what the BE subscription should look like afterward. The parts blacked out are just the IDs for our test devices.

    I have not heard any plans to change the maximum allowed download size from our partner company.
  • Download limit suggestion

    I would much rather have a larger download size with slower speeds. I can let a download run all night. One night of pain and then it is over (and the pain isn't really all that bad).
    The way it is now with the smaller maps, I suffer and curse Garmin every time I use the BirdsEye maps. The cursing and suffering never ends!
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    Extremely disappointed

    The Oregon 450 is my first gps device.

    I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in the whole mess of Garmin software so far. The map download complexity, the unlocking per device, the map updater software which seems magical vs. give me something I can easily archive when my windows PC inevitably bites the dust.

    And now I just discovered BaseCamp and the beauty of Birdseye view. Eagerly paid my subscription (after already forking over for City Navigator). Wow, this will be great.

    Only to find this incredibly lame download limit to the image size.
    This just flat out is a big obscene gesture to the subscribers. There is no other way to paint lipstick on this pig. You are stiffing the very customers you just convinced to pay real money to download the damn data.

    Limit the bandwidth to this URL or something, but at least give me the acceptable workflow that I can load up my 4 GB microSD card in one swipe overnight.
  • I have not heard any plans to change the maximum allowed download size from our partner company.

    Could you possibly tell us why the file-size limit is so low?

    By today's standards, 75mb is ridiculously small. It wouldn't be such a problem if the software automatically created the map segments, but I was astonished to discover that I had to do this MANUALLY. It takes considerable time to create the numerous segments for a SINGLE mountain biking area. This is utterly ridiculous, especially when you consider that you can navigate all over the PLANET with Google Earth and get substantially better detail with incredible speed. Yes -- Google is a larger company, but I'm not even PAYING Google for the service. I AM paying Garmin.

    Birdseye/Garmin has placed a bottleneck on the process reminiscent of the state of the art in 1989, and Garmin states that the limit is imposed by a "partner company" as if this removes Garmin from any responsibility. Sorry, but I paid Garmin for the product, not the "partner company." This makes it Garmin's responsibility to provide a reasonable level of service, which we are most certainly NOT getting at the moment.

    Forgive my frustration on this, but the process of actually USING Birdseye is incredibly annoying.