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Unable to see device.

Unable to get Basecamp recognized my etrex 30x with SD card Windows 10. My computer see the external drive but Basecamp doesn't have the device available and keep saying no device is connected. Running the latest version of all the software, tried completely removing all Garmin software and reinstalling. Nope. I switched from Magellan because their software and support was so bad, Garmin appears to be awful too. I'm fairly competent on computers and have spent way more time than should be necessary to install a map.

  • Never had an issue with BaseCamp not seeing my Etrex.    What version of BaseCamp are you running?  Be aware that it can sometimes take a while for devices to be recognised by your PC, but if I read your post correctly your PC sees the device but not BaseCamp?  Run through this FAQ to see if it helps, it's aimed at automotive devices but helps with handhelds also

  • I'm running 4.7.1. I should clarify something. My PC will see the SD card when it is installed. When it is not installed my PC doesn't see anything. When in Garmin mode Basecamp will see the device but doesn't recognize the SD card.

    I was able to transfer a map the other day but before that I took it hiking with me and my sons. The track and waypoint I added weren't recognized so couldn't download them. I accidentally left the unit on when we left so the trail is 60 miles long, not sure if that matters.

    But since my PC doesn't recognize the device I can't even see where it might be located. The track is definitely on the device

  • I'm getting lost here, you're saying BaseCamp will read the card but not your device?  And your PC also sees the card but not the device?  Never heard of that issue, although occasionally folks have the opposite problem.  Do you have Express installed?  If so does Express see your device?  If not, install Express and check.  Does Express also recognise the card?

    If Express isn't seeing it run through this FAQ

  • Sorry about that, I realize I made this as clear as mud.

    My eTrex doesn't show on my PC as an external drive

    If I add an SD card my PC recognizes the SD card as an external drive

    Basecamp recognizes my device, I can transfer a map to the device but can't transfer data stored on the device to Basecamp 

    Basecamp doesn't recognize the SD card

    I'm not sure if my eTrex recognizes the SD card.

    I had Express installed and it did recognize the device but said I had to access it through Basecamp. The device itself didn't appear in the list of products. 

    I removed everything Garmin from my PC and reinstalled but haven't reinstalled Express yet since previously Express said I had to use Basecamp.

  • Well Express should work with your device as it's there to update software and Garmin maps, BaseCamp doesn't do that, so run Express and see what happens now. 

    Note newer garmin devices won't show as a drive as they are mtp devices, see the FAQ I linked to, but they should still show in Explorer.  If BaseCamp recognises your device how are you trying to transfer data from the device to BaseCamp?  You need to select your Etrex in the top left hand pane, data on the device will then show in the lower left hand pane.  You can then drag/drop it to a BaseCamp folder or list, or right click it and select Send to.

    What size is your card?  What format is it?  To be used it needs to be formatted FAT32.

  • Garmin Express is able to see the device but I get a message saying "Garmin Express does not support this device. Please use Garmin Map Updater." 

    I followed the steps in the FAQ to force the PC to recognize the device but wasn't successful. 

    I am not able to transfer data from the device to Basecamp. The device is recognized and listed in the left hand pane bu there isn't any data showing in Internal Memory. 

    On the device itself, there is a track and waypoints saved from this past weekend.

    The SD card is 16GB formated in FAT32

  • I suspect you have a faulty device then as Express supports my Etrex, and it's an earlier model than yours.  I suggest you call Garmin, explain the issues and ask for a replacement.  Or, if you can return it to the retailer for exchange.  I've never had an issue using my devices with BaseCamp, and I've been using it with 4 different handheld devices ever since it was released.

  • This is what I did. I returned it and found a good deal on an Oregon 700. So far no problems with software. I had to cancel our trip last weekend and it's raining this weekend. We'll probably still go but the hike my middle son has been wanting to do the last 4 years is probably too dangerous when wet. Argh....

    Thanks for your help

  • Good to know, thanks for reporting back.  I'll close this thread.