Running Windows on virtual machine - no edition pane?

Hey - have browsed the forums for a while and could not find a similar issue elsewhere.

I am running a MacBook Pro (Catalina) with Windows 10 on a virtual machine (Parallels Desktop).

- Virb Edit on Mac runs a lot better in terms of performance and, in theory, everything is fine. The one caveat: when I add G-Metrix to my cycling clips, the auto-sync does not seem to work. No matter which clip I chose, the G-metrix always start from the very beginning of the activity.

- Now, when I run Virb Edit on Windows and add G-Metrix to the same clips, it syncs perfectly - here however, the biggest issue is that, somehow, the editing timeline at the bottom simply does not show, making it practically impossible to edit a whole project. I can add clips to the video via right click, but the bottom of the editor, where we normally find the timeline, just stays black.

Any ideas on what the reasons for any of the two issues may be? For the windows problem: Could it be the virtual machine?
In the end, I don't mind working on either Mac or Windows, as long as I can add G-Metrix relatively hassle-free without having to manually set the starting positions for every single clip.

Many thanks,


Attached a screenshot of the Windows issue: Here, I already added the clip to video via right click > add to video, but nothing shows in the editing pane at the pottom