Circuit Shape gauge data


I've noticed this before but don't recall posting. When using the Circuit Shape gauges, it appears the data has to come from a Virb. I use the Virb in conjunction with an Edge 510 bike computer and if I use that as the data source, the gauge is blank. Is there a way to allow the Circuit Shape gauges to work with other data sources?

  • Your post was 6 years ago. I was wondering how you had it solved. I am having similar problem with circuit shape. It's a long bike ride so I edited by batch of 20 clips. It happened when I edited on the first batch but later on it re-appeared, thinking it was just a glitch. When I edited the second batch of 20 clips, it happened again, but I don't know if it ever coming back.  Maybe I have clicked something.  Did you solve your problem of the vanishing circuit shape? Thanks!