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Garmin connect mobile iOS / Androide sync do not update - CPE Expired causing poor GPS and ages locking GPS signal

Can any one confirm if GFR 45S updates CPE Expired via sync with Garmin Connect Mobile App? I have tested with iOS and Android both do not update CPE Expired. According to Garmin it should do. The only way I can update CPE is via Garmin Express (Laptop & Cable sync)

Full storey below if you interested. 

Thank you 
Tech Geek  

[email protected]

Thu 23/06/2022 08:55

Hi ,

Thanks for your email.

 We have offered what we are able to offer in this circumstance.  We believe it is a hardware issue.

 If you wanted to go ahead with anything else you would have to contact the retailer.

 If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. Alternatively, you can search for a solution here:
Kind regards,


Garmin Europe


PO Box 392 | Southampton | SO40 0FW | UK

T: 0808 238 0000 | F: +44 (0)23 8052 4004 |

Registered office: Liberty House, Hounsdown Business Park , Southampton , SO40 9LR , UK . Registration no. 2724437 VAT Reg. No. GB568 6978 58

Hi Rowan 

Thank you for your email and arranging like for like recertified device.  Sadly, I am not going to go ahead due to multiple concerns listed below. 

  1. My device I purchased brand new from Amazon 3 September 2021 and that is only 9 months, getting recertified device due to issues with existing device isn't fair. Specially I did not use device from Oct 2021 - Mar 2022 winter months. So, I only have used device for 3 months. Sept 2021, April 2022, May 2022.  
  2. I don't believe issue is with hardware. so, replacing with recertified device won't fix the issue.
  3. The reason I believe issue is with software is due to I have carried out series of activity and tests.
    >> The key reason watch behaves up to week after syncing with Garmin Express is because Garmin Express is capable of updating CPE file information giving watch a latest satellite information and that helps locking GPS signal. 
    >> While syncing watch to Garmin Connect mobile app only uploads user statistics to Garmin and not giving CPE file / Satellite data refresh. 
    >> Even though Garmin support article suggest this should update CPE file info in reality it doesn't. 
  4. I have done GPS soak for 40 min ones more since last GPS soak, yet watch CPE file is not updated. (Garmin support do not advice that watch will go in power save mode after 8 min slightly misleading information)  
  5. Only way I found watch CPE file updates is sync watch with cable and Garmin Express / Computer.  But doing this almost every week is not practical and almost voids the point of me upgrading from old Forerunner 15. In other words, Bluetooth not syncing all information.  
  6. FIX - If CPE file / Status is current then watch do not have any issue to lock GPS signal. 
  7. Wider Garmin support consideration when CPE file information will be update via Garmin Connect mobile app (Software fix instead of Hardware)

Considering all above, amount of hassle (many online forum study) and inconveniences I have face I at least deserve brand new replacement. 

I will really appreciate if I will be given a chance to update to latest model FR55 as a goodwill gesture.  Alternatively, I will be considering moving away from Garmin. 

Thank you 

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
>> Sent: 17 June 2022 18:36
>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >> <Q#:1013504>


Thank you for your email, we can offer a like for like exchange in this case we cannot provide an upgrade to another device, the exchange will be for a Recertified device as per the details below;

I have successfully booked your Garmin device in to be replaced under Order 104094886161 and you will receive an email from Garmin with a secure link to complete this which will be valid for 30 days. 

We have also requested a UPS pre-paid shipping label, this is only available via the email confirmation and cannot be retrieve from the website. Please be sure to disregard the address details on the website and go straight to your confirmation email to take advantage of the pre-paid label. I have also included some instructions which will assist you in completing the required steps:

  1. Please enter your email address to complete the checkout as a guest or sign into your existing Garmin account
  2. Fill in your shipping and billing information, then click "Proceed to Payment"
  3. If there is a charge, select a payment option and enter the required details, then click "Place Order"
  4. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your transaction and shipping instructions
  5. Click Download Label, Select Print Label and then select Schedule a Collection or Find a Location
    >> Please note: if you select Schedule a Collection you will need to enter your tracking number, found on the printed label, into Section 1 to benefit from the free collection

Important Information

  • Please do not send any accessories such as watch bands, SD cards, cables or product boxes
  • Garmin will not be responsible for returning additional items included in the package
  • You will be receiving a Garmin Recertified device : What is a Garmin Recertified Device?

Once the link has been completed, you will receive an email with steps on how to return your Garmin product. Please make sure this email is read in full as it contains important information.

Note: Currently our turnaround time is 3-5 working days.


Kind regards,


Garmin Europe


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>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >>
>> Sent: 14/06/2022 04:54

Hi Rowan 
>> Yes - I am in UK. 
>> Can I please ask if exchange is brand new device or refurbished device?  Or Is it possible to upgrade to Forerunner 55?

>> Please contact via phone if this makes easier to discuss options. 
>> Thank you 

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
>> Sent: 13 June 2022 17:54
>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >> <Q#:1013504>

 Hi ,

Thank you for your email, in this case the device will require an exchange, so we can look to book this in for you would you please confirm if you are in the UK?

Kind regards,


Garmin Europe


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>> To: [email protected]
>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >>
>> Sent: 09/06/2022 15:46

Hi Garmin Support 
>> I have altered from GPS + Glonass to GPS + Galileo 
>> I also deleted CPE file as suggested below and Syn with Garmin Express 
>> I also done Satellite Soak and Resetting watch to factory setting (5 time total)

What I seem to find is - whenever some tasks done watch GPS signal locks quicker then gradually after few days it starts to slow down again and takes it times. I still never manage to lock signal as quick as my fellow runner in running club. I am always left behind waiting for GPS Signal. Below are my notes (stop watch used from mobile device to measure precise seconds) from 3 days a week run and amount of time watch took to lock the signal. 

>> 31 seconds
>> 41 seconds
>> 52 seconds
>> 22 seconds
>> 19.67 seconds
>> 20 seconds

Been okay for two runs under 10-15 sec

>> 40 seconds 24/05

54 seconds 26/05 (after this deleted CPE file and sync with Garmin express)

54 seconds after deleting CPE file

16 seconds
>> 15 seconds Galileo  
>> 11 seconds
>> 42 seconds
>> 16 seconds
>> 16 seconds
>> 40 seconds
>> 52 seconds

>> Are we safe to say this device GPS chip is faulty? Many runners in running club using Garmin, Huwai and they all start running almost instantly with GPS signal lock.  
>> Thank you 


From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
>> Sent: 13 May 2022 16:40
>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >> <Q#:1013504>


Thank you for your email, would you please follow the steps below and test the device;


Please alter the GPS settings of the device, as per the link below, if it is set to GPS only, please change to another setting like GPS + GALILEO and vice versa.

After this sync the device directly before going outside to test the device, ensure you have a open area with clear sky above you.

Please ensure you do not move during this test.


If the issue persists please follow the steps below to delete the CPE file and then sync the device and test it again;



  1. Connect your watch to a PC via USB cable.
  2. Press the Windows keyE on the keyboard to open File Explorer.
  3. Open the Garmin driveonce it appears.
  4. Open the Garmin
  5. Locate and delete the ".CPE" file
    • If it is not in the Garminfolder it may be inside the RemoteSW folder


  1. Connect your watch to a Mac via USB cable.
  2. Open the GARMIN driveon your Desktop or in 
  3. Open the Garmin
  4. Locate and delete the ".CPE" file
    • If it is not in the Garminfolder it may be inside the RemoteSW folder

After this please sync and test the device again. 


If the issue still continues please reset the device as per the details below and immediately test the device;

  • Resetting All Default Settings - Delete All

Please note this will reset all of the device settings to the factory default values and delete all activity history.


If the issue persists please confirm the time it takes to acquire GPS after the above.

Kind regards,


Garmin Europe


PO Box 392 | Southampton | SO40 0FW | UK

Registered office: Liberty House, Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton , SO40 9LR , UK . Registration no. 2724437 VAT Reg. No. GB568 6978 58


>> Original Message ...
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>> To: [email protected]
>> Subject: Re: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref:
>> Sent: 13/05/2022 09:15

CAUTION - EXTERNAL EMAIL: Do not click any links or open any attachments unless you trust the sender and know the content is safe.



Dear Garmin Support 
>> I have followed all in as discussed below 

  1. Reset watch to factory - wipe all 
  2. Done - sync the device with Garmin Express
  3. Done - GPS soak - started activity every 10 min due to watch going back to home screen, 3 times total 30 min (This is slightly inaccurate advice from Garmin "Wait 30-40 minutes before you start the timer for your activity")

The issue is still remains, it takes best part of minute to lock GPS signal, the annoying thing is another family member has same watch and GPS locks just under 10 sec every time. 

While My watch never takes as per below on various outdoor clear sky tests. CPE data on watch is also "current"


attempt 1 - 32 seconds 

attempt 2 - 41 seconds 

attempt 3 - 52 seconds 

attempt 4 - 40 seconds  
>> As per suggestion please find attached activity (original export)- I am unsure how this will help to diagnose issues further due to issue is prior to starting activity not completing activity. 
>> Thank you 

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
>> Sent: 05 May 2022 16:09
>> Subject: Transcript of conversation which took place on 05/05/2022 << Ref: 21845360K1 >> <Q#:1013504>


Thanks for chatting with us earlier,. Here is a full transcript of our conversation.

[15:53:06] : My Forerunner® 45 do not update satellite location information even after syncing device with the Garmin Connect app. This results in longer time (more then minute) to lock GPS signal. The only way I can get satellite location information up to date is syncing device with Garmin Express but then that is no good as I need computer and watch charging cable. I also use device every week twice to do regular run, I don't understand why then satellite location information isn't up to date because according to your website its 30 days or 200 miles. I am hardly 2 miles away from my last GPS location. Any help to resolve this will be appreciated
>> [15:53:07] Session started between and Rowan.Please give me a moment to look into your issue and I will be right with you.
>> [15:53:20] Rowan:


Hello, thanks for contacting Garmin. You're speaking to Rowan. In order to help you further, please can I grab your serial number? Please follow the FAQ How do I identify my Product Information? if you need assistance with finding this information.

>> [15:55:30] :
>> [15:56:21] :
>> [15:57:09] Rowan: Thank you would you please confirm the device software version and "GPS" version?


This can be found in the "About" section of the device settings

>> [15:57:31] : Software is up to date — Version 5.10 Synced Thursday, May 5 at 3:54 PM Serial Number:
>> [15:57:59] Rowan: Thank you would you please confirm the GPS version also?
>> [15:58:31] : GPS:5.40
>> [15:58:43] : ANT/BLE:2.80
>> [15:58:53] : Sensor hub 17.08
>> [15:59:01] : CIQ 1.4.5
>> [15:59:11] : WHR 5.00.06
>> [15:59:31] : Hope all above helps?
>> [16:00:48] Rowan: Thank you I have some steps to help resolve this, please sync the device then reset it as per;
>> [16:00:56] Rowan:

Resetting All Default Settings - Delete all

>> [16:01:08] Rowan: Please note this will delete all activities from your history
>> [16:01:29] Rowan: After this please sync the device with Garmin Express as per;
>> [16:01:32] Rowan: How Do I Install Garmin Express?
>> [16:01:45] Rowan: Immediately after this please perform a GPS soak as per;
>> [16:01:54] Rowan:

When a watch initially displays that it is GPS ready, it means that the watch has picked up the minimum amount of satellites needed to get your location. Soaking GPS is practice of allowing your watch additional time to communicate with satellites before you start moving for your activity. This practice allows for your watch to communicate to additional satellites, creating a stronger bond and helping to reduce degradation of GPS signal.

Soaking GPS

  1. Select an activity
  2. Wait for the GPS Ready message or GPS Indicator to turn green
  3. Wait 30-40 minutes before you start the timer for your activity

>> [16:02:35] Rowan: This is a one time process, after this please test the device with an outdoor activity and if the issue continues, please provide the Garmin Connect Activity link for the test and confirm if the device takes a long time to find GPS still
>> [16:02:39] Rowan: Sharing a Garmin Connect Activity
>> [16:04:18] : Okay well all of above going to take me some time so I will go and do that and contact you again if do not resolve issue. Do I have a reference number or ticket number?
>> [16:07:13] Rowan: Once this chat has closed you will be sent an email of the transcript, feel free to respond to that email with the test link if this persists
>> [16:07:53] Rowan: If there is nothing else I can help you with today I will close the chat, you will soon be sent a transcript of our conversation. I hope you have a great day!
>> [16:08:28] : I am not sure what will gain by sharing activity as issues is locking gps not tracking activity
>> [16:08:48] : But I will give a go to reset and gps soak.
>> [16:09:23] Rowan: We can review this link further once provided, thanks for contacting Garmin today, you will shortly receive a copy of the chat transcript via email. If you need any further help please visit our Support Centre. I hope you have a good day!
>> [16:09:27] Rowan: The conversation has ended. If you still need help please get back in touch!
>> [16:09:27]

The conversation has ended. If you still need help please get back in touch!

  • Just so all know out there, after I posted above - Garmin Released software update 
    My watch software version now 5.20 (5.10 version had issues) and I recently sync watch with Garmin connect mobile app after CPE data was showing expired. 

    I am so please to say for the first time it updated CPE data via Gamin connect mobile app (At least in my case anyway)

  • Since my last update 17 days ago, ones more CPE data expired and I sync watch with Garmin Connect Mobile App and I am back to square one - the mobile app did not update CPE data file. :-( 

    So in my last update it must be software update that did the cpe data file update instead of Garmin connect mobile app. 

  • Is your watch full up to date ?

    check here for all sub-system latest version

    CPE should be updated during your outdoor activity after 15-20mn, otherwise the best solution is to use a computer with Garmin Express (Windows to be sure) and do a sync every week.

    If your watch sub-system softwares are not up to date, try to sync with Garmin Express.

    If it doesn't work i can share the specific files with you.

    GPS 5.40
    ANT/BLE (Ntw Proc v2)
    Sensor Hub 19.04X

    You can go to RMA your device, recertified Garmin product for their support are like a new one. I experience it one time and i'm fully satisfied 3 years after (Vivoactive 3).


  • Hi Socorsu 

    Thank you for your advice 

    I just double checked watch is up to date and all the numbers matching to sub-systems link. 

    I am sure I have done GPS soak many times, but ones again after your advice I went for two walks for 30 min and 10 min  (GPS tool 1 min 12 seconds to lock - Expected due to CPE Expired) came back saved the both activity. Sadly watch CPE is still not updated. 

    Just for background I am IT Consultant with 15+ year experience, so kind of know what I am doing. 

    Yes - Garmin Express dose the trick but then what is point Bluetooth, I would been happy with my FR15 :-( 

    The sad storey is I purchased Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition to upgrade my FR15, and I returned that for exact reasons tool far to long to lock GPS. Back then I did not spent this much time to troubleshoot it. 

    The current watch FR45S is replacement of Venu and this do the same fault. 

    Basically this Garmin article is proven wrong by my various test and experience.

    And I really want Garmin to fix it instead of me keep changing device in a hope that next device will be quick for GPS signal lock. 

    PS: For now Garmin Express is fix. 

    Thank you 

  • just to update many out there….returned FR45s back to Amazon for full refund and Purchased FR245 as replacement. 

    FR245 after few weeks non use cpe expired. Sync with Garmin connect (iOS / iPhone app) did not update cpe data (ones again garmin help article and instructions proven incorrect) 

    However 40 min worth GPS activity did update CPE data (something my FR45 never didi) so I was so pleased. 

    thank you 

  • FR245 cpe expire due to medial break. 
    there was software update and guess what this time it sync only with mobile app and CPE data updated. 

    thank you garmin it only took me 3 watches in total to get to where I wanted. Hopefully it stays that way. 

  • Just for awareness of public / Garmin Users 

    I have had Garmin Venu Sq, Garmin FR45S and Now I have Garmin FR245

    Venu Sq had exactly same issue - CPE data will not update via Garmin connect app - I returned to Amazon without much of troubleshooting.

    FR45S - I did lot of troubleshooting for same issue - located on Garmin forum - above thread.

    Since then, I purchased the more advanced FR245 and it's been working fine since very recently it started taking ages to lock gps signal. I re-visited same place as FR45, Syn to mobile device / Garmin connect do not update cpe data.

    I even done multiple walks as per below longest been 31 minutes and syn device to Garmin connect yet cpe data is not updating. (according to Garmin this should update cpe)

    The only solution I can see update CPE data is to sync watch with Garmin Express / Computer.

    If this is the case can Garmin, please accept this is by design and advertised users computer is needed to update Garmin device.

    Please also remove any false info out there on Garmin web & Garmin support advising such a step to do GPS soke, as none of this actually fixing the issue of updating cpe data.

    Please do not tell me to reset to factory settings, make sure all software's are up to date etc as this issue is beyond basics.
    One device / hardware can be faulty not three of them with exact same issue.

    To best of my knowledge my watch GFR245 is up to date and the Garmin connect app is also up to date on my iPhone.

    May I please request to escalate this to senior product owner / senior support engineer as this is purely software issues / bug that needs addressing rather than keep me replacing hardware.

    I will be more than happy to assist in any way to fix this issue.

    Thank you

    Latest Update 

    From Garmin is they have ruled out MY FR245 is faulty - They accepted issues and requested me all video evidence, which I have uploaded to Garmin upload portal, I also provided my device Garmin folder as requested. 

    The support case is under investigation and I am hopeful there will be some justification to this behaviour. 

    Garmin Engineer who working on did not gave me any time line when this investigation finish. But I will chase on regular interval. 

    Thank you 

  • After multiple chase with gamin support they said investigate conclude and my device deemed to be faulty and Offered a replacement (not brand new replacement) I decided not to go ahead with replacement as I don't believe this is faulty (Can't be 3rd device faulty). But some sort of software bug.

    Since then I have continue my own investigation and various tastings - I will keep you all posted if I find some substantial outcome / reason. 

    Thank you   

  • Former Member
    0 Former Member over 1 year ago in reply to Smitech
  • I believed I provided all info asked for by Garmin support. 

    The info you request is below.  

    you talk about using the watch for only short periods and not 24/7, is this correct ? Since the Christmas 2022 I use watch 24/7  

    • when correct how do you manage to establish connection when turning back on between watch and phone - Via Bluetooth / Phone 
    • do you also turn the app off ? Garmin Connect App is only opened when I sync watch then App isn't running in back ground 
    • how do you connect the device to the computer - Via Cable

      I don't think storage is an issue to update CPE file, Because if watch storage is full then it will notify me. 

      Not sure what you referring to unknowns (perhaps I would suggest read my big long post again) Also unsure what you mean when you referring to "Use case"

      As I mentioned above I am investigating myself and I believe its Custom 3rd party watch face was an issue but I can't say 100% as I am still week in testing. Waiting CPE to  Expire so I can test further to confirm. 

      May be we have answer by next week.  
      Thank you.

      PS: Its not only me having this issue by the way have a look you tube many videos people explaining the exact issue.