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Edge Explore goes blank and locks up during ride

Had my Edge Explore screen go blank and lock up twice during yesterday's ride.  Started late last year and is now practically an every ride thing.  When it happens the device is completely unresponsive.  After a few minutes, holding the power button for 10 seconds brings it back, and when it comes back it's aware a ride is in progress and the data from the earlier part of the ride is intact.  It used to initiate a crash alert during most of these lockups until I disabled it and deleted my emergency contact.

Is anybody else having this problem?  I see it mentioned on the Edge 830 forum.  I began the repair process (I'm out of warranty) and was quoted $130.  I don't want to do it and just get sent a refurbished unit that has the same issue.  My device worked fine for a year.  Then the issue started, I believe after a software upgrade....

  • @Tecqboy, you are on the Edge Explore forum here - not 1000.

  • Edge Explore 1000 is what it says on the label on the back side.  So many models.....

  • same problem - Edge Explore software version 5.1

    as already mentioned, it seems as if there is a similar issue with the Edge 530 for which Garmin has issued new Beta software adding diagnostics to monitor field performance 

    Garmin-Matthew - is anything similar proposed for the corresponding Explore issues?  I use mine for extended touring but it lets me down so frequently at critical navigational moments I need to consider alternative products 

  • I had the same problem with my Explore today. Locked up on a settings screen as it happens. I was glad to read this forum and discover that pressing the power button for 10s kicked it back to life. Only 80% of my ride was recorded though. I wasn't following a course, just recording a ride.

    This looks like a genuine bug so I look forward to a fix from Garmin the next time I sync via GExpress. 

  • Same issue here... if this isn't fixed I'm gonna send it back.

    Device is a few months old.

  • Before returning the device for repair I decided to update the firmware and the mapping software. I recently did a 160km nighttime ride so navigation was useful to say the least. Happy to report that the unit didn’t fail. My companion’s Garmin did freeze and guess what? It was an Edge Explore! At least I was able to help him reset it without loss of data. I’ll give it another try but wouldn’t mind if Garmin would have a serious look at their software. 

  • I regularly had the same problem too since I bought the device in January - any idea whether this will be fixed in a new software version?

  • I just update my Edge Explore unit from 5.10 to 5.20 and I'm experiencing the same bug.

    I'll try a factory reset and hopefully it goes away.

    I have ridden 2500km  with 5.1 and experienced some minor/typical Garmin issues, but nothing major like this one.

  • Hello, factory reset  helped? The weather is bad and i have time to do it. Thanks

  • Yes, for me it helped. No more freezes so far. I did a couple of rides, but the max distance was 80km. The last time time I got the freeze with 5.1 was at 95km.

    I would say, so far so good.