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Garmin navigates to start and provides 'distance to next' but after start does not give further navigation prompts

When I choose to follow a pre-planned ride and opt to 'navigate to start of course' it does so with no problems providing me prompts and 'distance to next' on the data screens.  As soon as I go past the start and actually get on the pre-planned route all navigation prompts stop and the 'distance to next' is blank.  The only way I can follow the route is to stay on the map screen and follow the highlighted route.

Please help! 

  • Restart the route (and don't choose "navigate to start").

  • I've done that and the 'distance to next' still does not show

  • If you reload/restart the course when you arrive at the start, how you got to the start doesn't matter.

    You talked about two problems: navigation prompts stop and the 'distance to next' is blank.

    It doesn't seem turn-guidance is active (if that's not enabled, you won't get navigation prompts and the distance to next will be blank).

    Do you get navigation prompts when you don't use "navigate to start".

    Most of the units let you enable/disable turn guidance (not sure about the 820 Explore).

    Note that, if you are at/near the start, don't choose "navigate to start".

  • I can't help you, but I have the same problem! It doesn't matter whether or not I choose "Navigate to start", the problem occurs with both. Also, the routes I am using are routes that I have used previously with no problems. I believe it started happening after I accepted the last software update. The device says it is at version 12.60. 

    The routes i use were created using 

  • P.S. Restarting the route does not help. I have also reset the Edge Explore to factory defaults. It didn't help.

  • It doesn't matter what route planner you use (that's important to be clear about).

    The OP implied in the first post that navigation works if he doesn't use "navigate to start". He later implied navigation isn't working at all (making the "navigate to start" stuff misleading).

    Maybe, "turn guidance" is disabled on your unit?

    If navigate to start isn't being used and navigation doesn't work, then it would seem it's a bug. You won't be able to get it to work.

    Garmin doesn't really read these forums. Calling Garmin support might be of some use (it might get reported as an issue to people who might do something about it).

  • It is not. And I have "Distance to next" always displayed. It is always 0 after the course is found. 

  • I want to be clear here, too. I have not had any troubles navigating prior to last week. And the only event I can think of is the 12.6 upgrade.

  • Also, when I load the course, the elevation map is a flat line on the elevation screen. This didn't happen before, either. My routes are not flat, there are always some elevation changes where I live.

  • I just spent some time on Garmin chat with Jason discussing this problem. He had me delete the Activities, Custom maps, Courses, Remote SW, and New Files directories from the device. Sadly, this did not bring joy. I asked to open a case (the other choice was to replace the device, which I don't believe is the problem since at least 2 of us have it, and so many other things work). He said he would send me an email to do that, but I have yet to receive that. 

    In any case, it seems like a Course works the FIRST time you transfer it to your device. That is going to be my workaround, even though in this pandemic I am rotating between a small set of courses.

    Perhaps anyone else who is searching for clues on this problem could also give Garmin a call about it, and convince them it is a software problem?