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Battery save mode prompt when battery running low

My 820 used to ask me if I wanted to switch to battery save mode when the battery was running low (I think it was at 20% battery left). However this no longer happens. I can't find a setting that turns this on or off. Any idea how I can turn this back on?

  • I see.  Thing is, even if I pony up for new hardware (Edge 840 etc), for all I know there is still no assurance that this issue will have been addressed.

  • True.  I used to run into the issue on my 820 after ~ 4hrs.  I did a ~2hr ride with the 840 running multi mode GPS, map, Nav, PM, HR, Cadence, Speed Sensor and  Live Track. and used about 10% of the battery, so even if that particular issue is still there, it'd take ~18 hrs before it'd crop up.

  • I see that 840 has two models now, one having a solar feature.  I wonder if that one is worth the extra USD 100 over its non solar counterpart.  Thoughts?

  • Best thing is to check the DCRainmaker review for details on the dif between solar and non-solar..  That said, IMO, no, it's not worth it.  Solar charge rate is extremely slow so adds little run time at the expense of somewhat reduced screen contrast.