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Jaybird Vista working with 945?

Anyone have this working with 945? Do button controls work? Specifically can I change volume from earbuds (Doing from watch is hazardous while running)?

  • Just an update - please see this e-mail from Jaybird:

    "We have been getting reports of the connectivity issues you are experiencing with your Garmin watch for quite some time now, unfortunately. Our engineers have been in contact with Garmin regarding the issues, and Garmin initially had a firmware update that was put out that was supposed to fix the issue, but didn't. Since then, Garmin has let us know that they are working on a fix and that it should come in the form of another firmware update, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience! Going forward, I would continue to keep an eye out for a firmware update for your watch, and hope that they fix it this time around.

    Vista 2 works well with other running watches except for Garmin. Garmin watches has an issue with the compatibility with Vista 2 software, We need to wait for the Garmin to come up with the software update for your watch to resolve the connection issue. I would like to inform you that issue does not lie with the Vista 2."

    Original post 3 years ago!! Can't believe it still hasn't been resolved.

  • Yes, Garmin 945 is not working reliably with Jaybird Vista 2. I have same, generally known issues disconnecting randomly. In Garmin support pages there is a short list of ear buds that should work - most of them are not very good in sports. I would say extremely narrow compatibility for a "premium" device.  I wrote to Garmin, they replied that the ticket will be forwarded to Jaybird! I think Garmin should fix the issue by themselves, especially as it seems that it has been introduced with some firmware update. 

    BTW, is there any hopes that coming firmware 11.03 would touch the issue. It says: 

    • Various connectivity improvements.

    Otherwise I would have returned the new watch, but in general it is ok and a present for me..

  • BTW, is there any hopes that coming firmware 11.03 would touch the issue.

    For me it seems that it actually did! After upgrading to 11.03 I have not had disconnect issue any more. It was random but frequent, now I have tested few 30-60min runs without any disconnections. Previously it usually happened several times during 60min. Let's see, but looks very promising. It seems that long lasting bug is fixed, maybe just by coincidence with other changes/refactoring and not by targeting the changes to fix this specific issue - I do not know.

  • I will test tonight - but at the moment my Jaybirds won't even connect to my watch at all.

  • All other headphones work with the Garmin watch, and all other watches work with the vista headphones...