v17.28 (v15.19) (V7.11) - Final ETE and Final Distance Alerts Go Off During Strava Segments

I have setup the Navigation Alerts for Final Distance (0.6mile) and Final ETE (1:15minute) as described in the manual:

Setting Navigation Alerts You can set alerts to help you navigate to your destination.

 From Watch Face Hold Menu Button

  1. Select Settings > Navigation > Alerts.
  2. Select an option:
    1. To set an alert for a specified distance from your final destination, select Final Distance.
    2. To set an alert for the estimated time remaining until you reach your final destination, select Final ETE


The wording in the manual suggests that I should get these alerts when navigating a course at a Final Distance and ETE for that course.  During a Strava Live segment, I get these alerts and they seem to be associated with the end point of the Segment, not the course I'm navigating.  In fact, I'll get the Final Distance and ETE alerts associated with a Live Segment even if I'm not navigating a course.