Garmin FR45: GPS Connection


My FR45 is 9months old and i am a regular user. Since the last 2 months i have had a lot of issues with GPS connectivity. 2 months back it did not find the GPS and one of the forum messages suggested to upgrade the version. I upgraded it to 3.5 and it worked ok but with a delay in catching the signal.

Yesterday i had the same issue again where the GPS did not get connected even after 15 - 20 mins! I upgraded the version to 3.6. But no luck! The connection is still not established.

How do i solve this problem? I thought it was one of my best investments but seriously this is not what I signed up for!


  • I think i have solved the problem with help from some links in this forum.

    I did a hard reset a few days back but it still did not catch the GPS. Incidently yesterday - I took it out into a open area trees or buildings and it just caught the signal in 20 sec!

    So now, inside my home it does not catch the signal - i don't need it to. Outside it is able to catch it with time ranging from 15-30 sec depending on the environment. Which is ok.