Customised data screens keep resetting back to default layouts.

As title. I like to rearrange the data screens and create a new one just for pace. Sometimes when I switch the watch off and on again it resets the data screens to the default layouts. 

  • Yes. Or it switches to random fields, e.g. Lap Pace, Lap Pace, Avg Pace. Pretty sure I didn't set it like that.

  • Did anyone find a fix for this? I have the same problem (randomly defaulting data screen layout) on my brand new 45 which is running the latest software 

  • I have exactly the same issue on my wife's 45.  You set the data fields on the watch and they are fine until the watch cync's with the connect app - They then reset to defaults.  Its driving me crazy.  I cant find anywhere on the app where its getting the data screen information from.  I dont have any of these issues on my 235.  

  • Its not about the sync with the app. It is a clear bug right from the beginning. I have the same issue with Swim2.

    You can set the needed data screens, but you have to repeat the steps for the settings many times.

    - take one data screen, set the fields as needed

    - make a soft reset (push upper left "light" button for about 15 sec, until watch shuts down)

    - switch watch back on

    - check the data screen. If it is changed, set it again, soft reset, etc. If it is ok, go for the next data screen.

    - repeat until all data screens are perfect.

  • I just got a replacement device after strap on the last one mysteriously broke and this one has the problem reported here. A few minutes into my activity, it changes data fields randomly. For me, the 45 has been a dud. I have had 3 replacements. 

  • Thanks but this did not work for me. Reset about three times before the data screens were maintained as they should be, but then after a bit they were messed up again.

  • This worked perfectly for me.  After a few resets the data screens saved and have been perfect ever since.  Thankyou PG!

  • I reached out to Garmin and here is the advice I got.  I waited to see if it worked.  It has been about 10 days since I tried it and the problem has not re-occurred.

    I'd be happy to assist you. I'm sorry to hear that your watch keeps changing data fields during your activity. I recommend doing the following:


    1. Soft Reset your Device

    • Plug device into a computer
    • Press and hold the upper left button for 20-30 seconds or until the watch reboots
    • Charge device to 100%

    2. Delete the "Settings" Folder from your watch using a computer


    Windows PC:

    1. Click Window's start button
    2. Click (My) Computer (This PC on Windows 8 or 10)  
    3. Double-click Garmin device drive
    4. Double-click Garmin folder
    5. Delete the Folder - Settings 
    6. Right-click on Garmin device drive
    7. Unplug device from computer


    1. Navigate to Desktop
    2. Double-click Garmin device drive
    3. Click Garmin folder
    4. Drag the Folder to trash -Settings
    5. Click on Trash
    6. Click Finder
    7. Click Empty Trash
    8. Confirm you wish to permanently delete these items
    9. Drag Garmin device drive to Trash
    10. Unplug device from computer

    3. Uninstall any and all watch faces or apps that you have downloaded onto your watch

    • Open Connect IQ app on your phone

    • Tap My Device
      • If you need to switch the device you are working with select Choose from the upper right corner.

    • Tap on correct Installed Apps field: My Watch Faces, My Device Apps, My Data Fields, My Widgets, or My Music
      • Note: If any of the above Connect IQ features are missing, then they are not supported with your device

    • Tap on the app

    • Tap Uninstall

     I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please let us know and we'd be happy to help.

    Thank you for choosing Garmin,



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