FR235 heart rate caps at 161

The HR reading looks fine until November 7th, but from Nov 8th I cannot get a read above 161 no matter how hard I train. I can't remember if I changed any important setting around those dates. I probably did since it is a new watch, but I don't think any setting is meant to introduce a cap to the HR reading.

These are all work outs that I pretty much maxed out. As you can see, the wrong reading also impacts Training Effect and everything else that depends on HR.

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  • Yes, looks like Heart Rate reading was changed. I posted similar thread: Broken Heart Rate (run, FR235).

    The date is also the same, 7 Nov was ok, after that it was broken.


    Next activities were better then the first example from my thread, but still strangely smooth.

    This looks like Heart Rate now have problem with lower temperature, as this started when it got colder.

    But previous year - when was even colder, Heart Rate diagram was normal.

    So, maybe it was changed how it reads heart rate and not tested in lower temperature, or maybe it was totally changed and it was just coincidence, that this happened when it got colder.

    Either way, something is wrong with it.

  • I was in Florida on Nov 8th, and now I'm in southern Brazil. Both places are pretty warm, so at least in my case I don't think it has to do with the temperature.

    After I posted, I realized that they don't answer threads here. Which is of course very disappointing.

    I changed quite a bit of settings after my last run, and I'm going to take it for a run tomorrow morning. Hopefully that will be enough to fix the problem.

    If not, I'm going to remove all watch faces and data screens from Connect IQ, hard reset the watch, and hope for the best. If that does not work, I may need to take it for a repair.

    Good luck to you!

  • Well, if date was the same, and temperature is different for us, then probably they just changed how Heart Rate is read or displayed. And I have the same 161 bpm, it eventually moved up after more then 30km.

  • I agree. What software version do you have in your watch? I have 8.00 and I never updated it, or at least never on purpose.

  • On Connect website it shows: "Software is up to date — Version".

    Directly on watch's menu, it shows "7.90 (cf8d7e5)".

    Some time ago, when syncing (connecting to PC), there was info about update which I accepted.

  • I wonder why my watch is on 8.00 if the latest official version is 7.90. When I  saw that info on their site I thought it was outdated.

    Anyhow, the website also says that 7.90 was released November last year, so in your case the issue shouldn't be from a software change. Have you thought about a hard reset? I'm doing it tonight as a last attempt before asking for a repair/refund.

    I had a run this morning, and even with all the changes in settings the 161 ceiling is still in place. Things are actually getting worse, as it did not display HR during the run, only in my phone when I got back home.

  • I'm have no clue where the issue lies, but I think it also corresponds with an issue I reported last month dealing with Intensity Minutes. If the HR readings aren't being recorded properly, I can imagine the Intensity Minutes won't be as well. Hopefully a fix is forthcoming.

  • Some new avout it?

    In my case I need to turn off and on to work well.

    In my case I do not know, but when my watch stays a long time without turn off this happens

  • In my case is also Brazil, I think that the temperature is not the reason for that.