i-Vortex to Vortex Smart Upgrade

Hello everybody. 

Some months (years?) ago, I found a very good discussion in the "old" Tacx forum regarding a "hardware upgrade" of an i-Vortex to a Vortex Smart.

Unluckily the old forum was finally shut down a few days after Tacx made the announcement and I had not the time to make a backup of this discussion.

I can remember that such an upgrade was possible (piece of circuit board to be exchanged) but there have been some constraints.

Has anybody some details to this topic? 

  • Wich part to update and where to get it?
  • Compatible with all revisions of the i-Vortex?
  • Is the i-Vortex controler computer still working then?
  • Compatible with TTS 4?
  • Further important things which I should know when considering the upgrade ...?

It would be gread if someone has more info on this.