Strap broken after just a few months

Before I bought the vivosport as a christmas present for myself I did some research and found out that the straps on the vivo series have been a weak point and known to break after just a few months. The vendor somehow convinced me that it must have been a production error, and that I could just return it under waranty as soon as it started breaking as long as it was not completely broken through or like a clean knife cut. So, I bought it, and to be sure, checked it regulary for breaks or tears, treated it carefully, etc etc. A few days back, when putting it on in the morning the strap tore at the unit, the tear following the contours of the unit. Luckily, the tear was not complete and the strap is still attached by a few mm. I returned it to the store where I got it. However, they said now that warranty doesn’t cover this. I got quite angry (though of course that salesperson is not to blame). He then confessed that the last few months they had several customers with the same issue. So, They agreed to send it to Garmin who will now check if its a design flaw or me abusing it. This will take several weeks and the sales person told me I should not hope for a replacement. 200 euro for a wearable that is not usuable anymore after 6 months...thank you Garmin :( My next wearable won’t be a garmin!