What's the best way to track "Inline Skating" on Vivosmart 4, because the Garmin App for roller skating did not support this device?

I was wondering how to track it so I decided to track the activity with Endomondo and to make transfer to Garmin Connect later, but I didn't start an activity on my Garmin Vivosmart 4. Later when I made the transfer - Garmin Connect did not recognize the activity so I just renamed it, but the data like calories and distance wasn't synced. The distance in my "Inline skating" traning was 7 km, but the Garmin Connect shows 1.7 km for the day and 2,505 steps. Same with the calories according to Endomondo - 445 kcal burned, according to Garmin data - 249 kcal.
So next time should I start like a cardio activity or running on my device and then to make the transfer or is there better way to track "Inline skating" on Vivosmart 4?