Vivosmart 4 PulseOx is crippleware

Incredibly disappointed.

Purchased Vivosmart 4 specifically for the small form factor continuous monitoring PulseOx.  (Already have a vivoactive 3 which I was pretty happy with, and a fingertip PulseOx). Intent was to sample my SpO2 trends at night, and when physically active during the day.  Acknowledge it might not be totally accurate due to the reflective measurements (but it matches pretty close to my fingertip sensor).

There was no caveat on the box or advertisements saying [done in the fast monotone voice at the end of medicine and car commercials] “not capable of actually collecting useful PulseOx data.  Only records first 4 hours of PulseOx at night.  Does not record daytime PulseOx.  Does not continuously sample PulseOx during the day.  No control over PulseOx mode.  Advertisements implying otherwise in no way reflect actual capability we have enabled.  YMMV”

So, before you buy, be aware:

  1. Night time PulseOx only records first 4 hours.  Friggin arbitrary.
  2. Daytime there is no way to sample or record PulseOx
  3. Can manually trigger PulseOx reading, but it is displayed briefly on screen and not recorded anywhere.  If you are not paying attention, you will literally miss it.
  4. There are no controls over PulseOx sample rates or periods.

This is purely an arbitrary software limitation.  Hence, crippleware.  Stupid.

(And no, it is not battery related.  2 days and 2 nights of 4 hours of sampling and my watch is still close to 80%)

If any Garmin folks are reading this, I would like to open bug reports on each of the 4 above items.  And no, again, these are not feature enhancements.  These are bugs. Your advertisement of this sensor implies it would operate similar to other sensor features on this and other watches, with no caveats about how crippled it is.  PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.