Menu haptics

When scrolling through the menu or widgets, can we enable haptics for each menu item? This would help navigate through the menu when its hard to see the screen. Further, some kind of haptic feedback when pressing a menu item. I find it very difficult to use the screen because I am vision impaired. I can start a walk but it's a bit hard sometimes. I know I have to double-tap to wake up the screen, go in to the menu and tap Activity, then Walk... double-tap to start etc. But say I've paused for a moment - it would be handy to know (using haptics) if I've scrolled past save, and have accidentally trashed the workout instead of resuming, for example (like I did today). Today I was feeling a bit flustered after a hike and didn't have my concentration hat on when I trashed the second half of my work out because of the age-old issue of touch screens not being 100% receptive to human touch. Sometimes a touch registered when you didn't mean it too, and sometimes you touch and it doesn't register.