Stress Score threshold updated again? (regular work day)

Prior to 4.4.0 release, the stress core was often "at rest" while I was sitting down (at work or home).  Recently it seems like the stress score remains in the Low Stress throughout the work day (and my work life has not changed afaik).  Feels like the algorithm has changed the HRV threshold a bit for Low Stress to Rest.  

Rest is a calming down of the body, such as sleep and peaceful moments during the day when your body has time to recover from stress

By this philosophy, it makes sense that you'd be have to be totally relaxed and doing no activity to fall into the Rest category.   So it probably made less sense that it kept showing me at Rest while sitting at my computer using my brain.  


However there have been contrary moments.  For example I was sitting at home toward the evening watching quite an intense Netflix show and being emotional, and the Stress Score trailed to Rest even as the show climaxed.     Previously, watching emotional television for me always reflected some kind of Stress throughout.   It makes me wonder if not just the HRV threshold is changed, but the time of day is considered.  


All in all, the reason this is being brought up is because Low Stress gets negatively computed into the score, so even a full day of Low Stress (compared to a Restful sleep) will have Garmin tell you that you need to relax more.    Previously, I was good to go.   Therefore it would seem the device is encouraging you to take breaks in the day to just do *nothing* (ie: sitting and just being, no walking, no movement, no eating, etc).  Makes sense!   

I'll continue to do more full-day wearing to see if this remains true.  But as far as I can tell I am relaxed as can be at my desk and it'll always edge between 20-50.   I could possibly be fighting a bug inside, but there are no indications I am sick.   Another one could be workout recovery.