HR, Sleep, Movement,... Lots of issues (since last update?)

I have a lot of problems with the device since a few weeks. I was always amazed with the fact that they Vivosmart 4 could track my exact sleeping time, it even recognized just laying down  (while watching a movie in the evening etc.). But right now it's just horrible and starts tracking sleep at 8 p.m. Heart rate while sleeping alsof dropped significantly from 57-60 to 50-53 with no reason. When doing a normal bike tour, I quickly get 140-160 bpm. Only thing that's still 'accurate' (behaving like before) is the Pulse Ox. Fix this please

  • Same, after the update, it was giving really bizarre sleeping times.  So I stopped using it.   Restarted recently.  I think the app talks to their server to crunch the device data, and it's probably an issue on that end because I see the sleeping times automatically adjust themselves eventually.