Activities and heart rate from Edge 1030

I have both a Garmin Edge 1030 and a Vivosmart 4. When cycling I use a heart strap for recording heart rate and I put of my Vivosmart.

The activities form the Edge 1030 sync to Connect, but the activities do not sync then to the Vivosmart, so the count of minutes of activities stays on the minutes the Vivosmart records.

Also in Garmin connect there is a gap in heart rate recording of the time I was not wearing the Vivosmart, where Connect did record this in the activity on the Edge 1030.

Is there a setting to sync this, or should Garmin add this option to Connect or the both devices.


Jan Herman Scheffer

  • Same problem here and it's very annoying that two tracking devices from the same company have this problem. Garmin, any comments?

  • My biggest complaint about Garmin is their Connect app coupled with their lack, or unwillingness, to to leverage the data they're collecting.  They really do treat the data from various devices differently, likely in attempt to sell you more hardware.  HR data from any device, if normalized correctly on their backend system, is the same.  Their software should know that if you're recording an activity on the 1030, for example, that it should count that towards data on another device.  For as much as Garmin gets right, they get software very wrong.  I was a big Fenix + 1030 fanboy, until I found the data didn't commute.  I've ditched the Fenix and went with an Apple Watch Ultra and don't ever regret it. 

    Garmin needs to take a page from the competitors out there.  When I do a workout and load into Strava, Apple picks it up and counts it all towards my daily goals.  Here's an example of how Apple, for all their faults, does it right.  You have three different vendors in this example, Garmin, Strava and Apple and somehow Apple can successfully mine that data and use it.  Garmin?  "Nah man, you didn't buy this special yoga watch for kids so we can't integrate your yoga data into your daily workout on this other device."