Disconnection from Phone?

Why does my vivosmart keep saying it needs to reconnect to my phone?  Why does it keep disconnecting?  Driving me nuts!

And I cannot find the Connectivity setting on the tracker so I can disable the vibration.  Can I get to that feature on the mobile app?

Cathie Simmons

  • No replies probably means few others are confused...as I am.  :)  I still don't know why my 4 keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting to my  Note 8 almost immediately.  But I did find a way to disable the vibration telling me that.  Of course, I'll bag on it:  figuring it out is following tiny breadcrumbs.  I don't think tech engineers are very good at manual writing.

  • Hello, I had many disconnection issues at the beginig and I found the problem was that I had once synced the VivoSmart with the iPad and it randomly conected to it, "forgetting" the phone. Forcing iPad to forget the bluetooth connection with the VS4 and uninstalling GarminConnect solved everything.

  • I am having the same problem with my Vivosmart4 never thinking it’s connected to my phone. When I go to my phone’s Bluetooth my phone thinks it’s connected and when I go to the Garmin Connect app all my data syncs from the Vivosmart no problems but my actual Vivosmart thinks it’s not connected. I can’t get it to use my phone’s GPS or anything. Really annoying.

  • I’m having the same problem. When I go to my phone’s Bluetooth it says it’s connected but the Vivosmart itself doesn’t think so. When I open the Garmin Connect app it connects and syncs up all my current data no problem but when I go to actually use the Vivosmart it never thinks it’s connected. I can’t get it to use my phone’s GPS or anything. Really annoying.

  • SOLUTION: Open the app, touch the picture of the device, and under sounds and alerts, you can turn off the Bluetooth Connection alert.