Manual Activity Missing Heart Rate

Hi there!  Sometimes I forget to start tracking a fitness activity on my Vivosmart 4.  Later, when I manually add the activity in Garmin Connect my heart rate and other biometric data doesn't appear. The activity also doesn't appear for purposes of intensity minutes.  Is it really the case that if you forget to hit start on your band that the activity, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist? 

  • Seems to be the case. This frustrates me as well because my device only auto starts sporadically, so if I forget then I lose the ability to track my HR for that activity. There is no reason the app shouldn't be able to retroactively pick up the HR for the time between the manual activity start and end.  

  • this is a must! why is it so hard to just copy segment of hr data from all day and reuse it when creating a manual activity? I use garmin swim 2 with continuous wrist-based hr tracking

  • Agreed, this is a must. I often like to log my activities afterwards and think more data should be available.

    I've recently changed from Fitbit: When logging a manual activity after the event it provides the heart rate graph, calories, distance, etc. I assumed this would be across the board on all devices but being new to Garmin I realize perhaps not.

    This should be something simple to include in Manual Activity as all data fields are already recorded.

  • Agree, further if I am wearing a garmin watch with hr on it and I use garmin edge gps for biking I am now obliged to connect these 2 to obtain hr graph for the activity ( this implies more battery consumption to transmit and receive bluetooht signal). This for me is an overkill as both are (ALREADY)connected to the GSM where integration can and should happen.

  • I manually entered an activity today because i forgot to start the activity and to see if anything has change in past year and to my disappointment there is still no data available. The data is all there stored somewhere on the watch so why can't it take this information just like Fitbit watches do? I can log a manual events on my Fitbit 3 months after the activity and it still pulls in all of the data from that date and time period. 

    It blows my mind that in 2022, my garmin smart watch still can't do this very simple task.