Swim pool length

Hi. Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere; I have searched the forums to check, found posts about pool length on other devices but these seem to be about swimming in backyard pools, which is not my situation.

I'm new to activity tracking. Got my vivosmart 4 three months ago and am really enjoying it. One of the reasons I chose it was it is waterproof, and I knew that if ever I took up swimming again, I would want the device to track me. And yes, I have been swimming, I thought I'd turned the tracker on but when I finished the swim, it seemed I hadn't. I saw a post here for another device suggesting to let the screen time-out to black before beginning the swim, thus any contact with the screen from the water or anything else would not be interpreted as a cancel or finish. That makes sense to me so I'll try that next time.

However, it is all a bit moot as the pool I use is 30m and the vivosmart 4 only shows options for 25 yards, 25 metres or 50 metres, plus skill level. I was hoping to add to these options via the Garmin Connect app or website, but cannot find where to do this.

The most promising option I found was on the phone app, under Devices/vivosmart 4/Activity Options. There, under Pool Swim, it tantalisingly said "This activity measures the duration of your swim and estimates the number of pool lengths you complete. (Here comes the bit I like) You'll need to enter the pool's size and your skill level on the device (yes! found those as indicated above) and these can be adjusted at any time (how?)". Then some stuff about heart rate etc being disabled

Backing out of that, I see "Edit" at the top right, pressing this appears to let me choose which activities (up to six of them) show on the device. But not how to edit the pool length.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

  • Have you figured it out yet. Got my Vivosmart this week and I hate it. Too fiddly. Unable to set the pool lengths on the mobile app. Unable to put in 15m pool at gym. The list goes on. I pine for my Fitbit flex3 which is not longer made(available at ridiculous prices)

  • I just got mine today.  Add pool to your activity.  Sync.  Go to watch.  Choose swim icon.  Choose level.  It then prompts you to choose pool length.  Haven’t had a chance to try it yet due to COV restrictions but keeping my fingers crossed good luck!