Quick question about Garmin Vivomove Sport

Hi all.

So long story short I decided that I need a smart watch. I found this relatively cheap option that does a decent job, judging by the reviews I have read (who am I kidding, I watched them on youtube). The design looks great, the watch is very light and suits me well, because it is smaller than most smart watches and I am skinny. The one thing that is stopping me, is that it does not have the one option I decided to get a smart watch - you can not hang up calls from your watch. I don't need to talk trough my watch, I simply needed to hang up or mute the call real quick. Anyways I am still considering purchasing one, If at least it shows you who is calling you, but I can't find this information anywhere. So my quick question is: do you see on your watch who is calling you? Any other feedback is also welcome. Thanks.