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It looks my display is fading at the top.

I really enjoy my watch and wear it all the time but, it looks my display is fading at the top. Am I the only one? Can I do something about it?

  • Oh no, not again the fading screen as in the Vivomove HR... My Vivomove Style is about 2 and a half year old and the display (top and bottom) still looks fine.

    However, before I purchased it I had a Vivomore HR (single bottom screen, monochromatic) and just around the 2 and a half year mark it started to fade, beginning in the lower left corner. Over the span of few weeks the fading slowly swept from left to right to the point that the whole display was very faintly visible only in a pitch black room.

    I really hope the Vivomore Style doesn't have the same issue as the display ages. It is a known fact that OLED (Vivomove HR) and AMOLED (Vivomove Style) displays have generally a shorter life span than LCD or LED displays, but 2-3 years for a display that it is on only sporadically during the day seems really TOO short!

  • I bought is in 2018,  my vivomove style. Maybe I'll file a complaint.

  • I received a replacement from Garmin. Good service!