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How to update firmware on vivomove style

Hi. I'm new to garmin. 

I notice there is version 4.7 software update. Mine is still at 4.0

But I cannot find any option to update in garmin connect and the watch. 

This device doesn't support garmin express as I do not own any ANT dongle for PC

How do I update the firmware for vivomove style?

  • The device does support Garmin Express - connects via charging cable. You can update from there. Otherwise the watch will update via mobile app.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I see. Probably my charging wire is spoiled. It doesn't connect. How do I prompt the update via mobile app?

  • I don't think you can force the update via mobile app. If it's connected it will update automatically. Are you trying Garmin Express on Windows or Mac? On a Windows PC the watch should appear as an external disk, that way you see it connects.

  • I see.. It doesn't appear on Garmin Express, nor as an external disk. Probably my PC or wire problem.

    I think I'll just let the Garmin Connect Mobile app do its job then. Also, mine is the ASIA version. Just realized that the update is 2-3 updates slower. :( 

    Thanks a lot for your help!