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vivomove style battery life after two years

I have had my vivomove style for right around two years now, and I have been wearing it constantly since, except underwater. The battery life has always been great, I would charge it once or twice a week, and it would run for the entire week, but lately, it would only last a day, a day and a half at most! Any ideas on what I could do to fix it? Or is there a place I could change the battery? I really love my watch and don't want to upgrade it anytime soon. 

  • Two years is just about the time that rechargeable batteries start showing loss of capacity. I am afraid there isn't much you can do and as far as I know the battery is not replaceable as the watch case is sealed.

    You can change some of the settings to reduce power consumption, to compensate for the loss of battery capacity:

    - Set vibration intensity to minimum

    - Disable Pulse OX during sleep (you can still do manual spot measurements during the day, if interested)

    - Disable Gesture, so the display turns on only when you tap the watch face (or the side, I found that to work more reliably)

    - Set the display timeout to short

    - More extreme: reduce the type and number of notifications you get from your phone

    Pulse OX draws a lot of current. If you want to pick the one thing with the most impact on battery life, that is it.

    Something else you can try is to completely discharge the battery (ideally to the point when even the mechanical hands no longer move, but at least to the point when the display no longer turns on) and then do a full charge. Sometimes that "resets" or re-calibrates the fuel gauge of battery operated devices and allows to use more of the remaining battery capacity.

    In general modern Lithum-Ion batteries do not like deep charge-discharge cycles, it is better to top them off once they get down to 50-60%, but every now and than one or two full charge-discharge cycles can help, especially with ageing batteries.