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Non responsive touchscreen when alarm activates

On 2 different Vivomove Style watches I have experienced that touchscreen will not always respond when alarm activates.  When it decides to not respond there is nothing I can do except to open App, disable the alarm and re-sync.  Both run latest 4.50 software.  In all other situations the screen is responsive.  It is ONLY alarm function, and NOT every time.  I suspect it is bug.

  • Same! Very annoying! Could you get a resolution from Garmin?

  • Have you tried to reset the watch and re-pair it with the phone? I had another weird occurrence with the alarms, the watch  duplicated the alarms I had set in the app, each one of them appeared twice in the watch alarms menu ( they appeared only once in the app) and it would not take any more alarms I created in the app.

    The only way I found to fix this was to remove the watch from the app, remove the watch from the Bluetooth list on my phone, reset the watch using the "Delete Data and Reset Settings" in the "Settings -> Reset" menu of the watch and then re-pair it with the phone using the Garmin Connect app (as if it were a brand new watch being paired for the first time).

    If you want to try that, make sure you do one last sync before your reset. The app will reload in the watch all of your data once you re-pair and sync it again.

  • I've contacted Garmin about the exact same issue and they have sent replacement vivomove Style's. This is my third watch and is now having the same problem. I too suspect a software bug.

  • Same for me, run latest 5.0 software.

  • Same here. It is incredibly annoying.