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Problem witch paying by vivomove luxe - continue

Hello Isabella, you have acknowledged that the luxury Vivomove Luxe watch has a hardware problem in design that appears to be systemic. It seems that  not even exchanging for another piece may not solve the problem unless you issue a new watch revision with a redesigned power management or a completely different HW design. As your client, I absolutely cannot accept your simple message as a solution that with less than 30% of the battery cannot be reliably paid with a watch. You can't afford that with a product worth hundreds of euros. The described problem cannot be marked as a property, it is clearly a defect. Nowhere in the documentation or at the time of purchase was I informed that with the watch I can only be pay for with more than 30% of the battery. How do you intend to deal with customers who have already bought this watch? Thanks, Pavel

  • Garmin admitted it's problem among all style/luxe watches. After the battery falls on ~30% they're simply unable to pay with. I wouldn't wait and run to shop to return them.

    Garmin can expect wave of returns of those unreliable watches in EU. 

  • Yes, I have Style and the same behaviour.

    In different post I also pointed it out.

    In my opinion it should be possible to use Garmin Pay till battery is more then 5% (or at least 10%).

    30% is a joke ;)

    I think, it's simple to be solved in next firmware release.

    P.S. also Bluetooth range is terrible, at two stages home max. 4-5m.

    Comparing to Amazfit watch I had previously, it was 10-12m.

    Having my phone downstairs and when playing with my kid upstairs I was able receiving all informations like incoming call, SMS, etc.

    On Garmin it is not possible ;(

  • Honestly pretty disgusted by the support here. Just going yeah sorry, make sure you have over %30 battery before trying to pay is stupid. Make the bloody watches low power mode 30% so users can't pay under 30% then. Closing the main thread over the Christmas period while people aren't paying as much attention is a joke. For anyone still with this problem this was the previous closed thread with loads of reports of the same issue.

    Definitely won't be buying any more of your defective, unsupported tech.