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Bluetooth disconnects and reconnects even if I am close to my phone, is it broken?

Hi I have a Vivomove style and the watch alerts me that Bluetooth connection is lost and then in 2 seconds alerts me that it is connected again, although I sometimes have the phone in hand or very close to me. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't do that. Does this mean that the Bluetooth from the watch is broken and it keeps loosing the connection and then regains it?

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    Hello. I have this same problem as well. I did a soft reset via the watch settings and then disconnected the watch from my phone's recorded bluetooth devices. I also removed the watch (device) from my Garmin app. 

    After doing all of these I performed the initial setup procedures once more via the app and paired both phone and watch. Syncing both devices were successful and since then I no longer get the "phone disconnected" message.

    However, now I no longer receive any notifications ever after setting up the widgets and giving permissions on my phone and the Garmin app settings.