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Vivomove Style - Watch Hands

Since the last (or second to last) software update (4.0 or 3.9, i'm not realy sure) my watch hands need adjustment constantly. It's basically the hour hand which gets off all the time.

What i found out is, that the hour hand will get worse and worse for each notification or interaction with the watch that causes to align the hands again and again.

Already reset the watch, tried everything ... does not get better.

For me, this looks like a solid firmware issue which joined the party in 3.9 or 4.0.

  • Like many others I have had mi share of issues with SW 3.9. Body Battery level stopped being updated and was stuck at its lowest level (solved with a reset) and VO2 Max stopped being updated and got stuck to the last value taken before the update (solved with loading SW 4.0).

    However, never had issues with hands losing alignment. I have had my Style since August 2020 and I only had to align the hands only once and it was a few weeks after I got it. Zero problems since then and going through several SW updates.

    Perhaps the watch developed a mechanical problem and it is just a coincidence that it happened around the time of the 3.9 or 4.0 update? If your watch is still under warranty you may want to contact Garmin about it.

  • Hey there, if the watch hands can not stay aligned we need look into warranty options. Are you located in the US or CAD?

  • Identical issue here since 3 days. No idea if it's update related (4.0?). I'm sending it next week for inspection. Have the watch for 15 months, so in warranty period.

  • Same here. Hour hand needs to aling almost after every notifications after sw 3.9 and keept on 4.0. I already tried to reset and erase all data 3 times. After reset, it keep aligned for some more time compared to only adjust by Garmin Connect, but soon it starts to misaling again.

    I noticed that after reset, If I keep notifications off, it doesn't get desaligned only by interacting with watch features or charging battery, actions that makes the hands move too.

    Sometimes it's not possible to align hour hand directly on the watch. Other times, I can adjust it normally trhough watch. But it doesn't matter if I adjust it trhough whatch or Garmin Connect. When notifications are on, It gets off a few minutes later anyway or a day later, after sw reset.

    I'm wearing it with the standart nylon band, so I don't think it's related to some magnetic interference.

    I always charge it with samsung genuine charger or notebook USB port.

    I purchased my Vivomove Style in US a yer ago but I live in Brazil, so it's a kinda difficult and would take a long time to send it to repair.

    I would be glad if it could be solved by software uptade. 

    Any news about what causes this issue or any fix will be very aprecciated.


  • Seems like you gotta send it in to be checked. That’s not a software issue.

  • I sent it back. And got finally refunded.