Vivomove Style: Hour Hand Need calibration every couple of hours

Hi guys,

I bought a Vivomove Style in black and noticed that the Hands were misaligned.

After I discoverd the calibration feature I calibrated the Hands and was satisfied.

However the hour hand gets misaligned very often. I cannot see a pattern here.

Sometimes it is misaligned a vew "minutes" and then over 2 Hours off (+ and -)

Even after I wake up in the morning the Clock Shows 4:30 although it is 6:30. I recalibrated it when I went to bad.

The Minute Hand never ever was misaligned.

Imho I cannot rely on this watch at a glance, Always have to check if the hands are ok and the watch is useless.

Is this a common Problem with the watch or do I have a broken watch.

I wonder if I should get another style after this or return to my GEAR S2 what would be a real bummer, the real hands were the reason I decided to buy a Vivomove Style.

Kind regards