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Vivomove Style: Hour Hand Need calibration every couple of hours

Hi guys,

I bought a Vivomove Style in black and noticed that the Hands were misaligned.

After I discoverd the calibration feature I calibrated the Hands and was satisfied.

However the hour hand gets misaligned very often. I cannot see a pattern here.

Sometimes it is misaligned a vew "minutes" and then over 2 Hours off (+ and -)

Even after I wake up in the morning the Clock Shows 4:30 although it is 6:30. I recalibrated it when I went to bad.

The Minute Hand never ever was misaligned.

Imho I cannot rely on this watch at a glance, Always have to check if the hands are ok and the watch is useless.

Is this a common Problem with the watch or do I have a broken watch.

I wonder if I should get another style after this or return to my GEAR S2 what would be a real bummer, the real hands were the reason I decided to buy a Vivomove Style.

Kind regards


  • I had this issue twice since 9 month I use this watch.

  • Are you using an aftermarket band with a fairly strong magnet in it? If you are, the magnet really can screw up the watch hands.

    I'm using a band with a decent magnet in it, and if I lay the watch down on a table so that the magnet is under the watch, the hands basically stop moving even though time continues to tick, obviously. Took me forever to realise that my constant misaligned hands were caused by a magnet in the band.

  • No, I use original nylon band

  • Okay. Haven't really heard of this before, so I don't think it's that common of a problem. Probably a wise decision to use the warranty repairs.

  • Hi,

    I am using the original band. No Magnets. However, I sent the watch back. The whole principle of a motor within the clockwork is not very appealing to me. I ordered a decent SEIKO Chronometer. This was my fourth Smartwatch so far and my last. The best I ahd was the Pebble time steel. Nice look, very good battery live. My Gear S2 sucked at battery live and I did not need much of the features anyway. :-(

  • Mine started misaligning so often it rendered unusable. I claimed the waranty and they sent me a new one. Never had to realign it in the last 3 months.

  • Mine started misaligning so often ut was unusable. I claimed the waranty and the sent me a new one. Never had to realign it in the last 3 months.

  • Mine started to realign every now and then some months ago. If I had to guess, I would say once every couple of weeks. I can't tell what leads to the hands being misaligned either; I thought it has something to do with high load of the watch's CPU. I can live with it, but yes, it's annoying considering the price of the watch.

  • Just got mine for Christmas present. And I've 2 days a week after getting it I've had to realign it 4 times already. 

  • The second one I got under guaranty works with no problem. No realignment in 6 months. Good luck