Questions about Jr 3

Broadly happy thus far but have some questions that the marketing material and you tube videos do not cover as follows:

1) What is the difference between reward coins and the trophy number?  I get you reward coins via the app for daily set chores (eg. teeth brushing, feeding pets etc) which can then be redeemed for rewards at a set 'price'.  BUT on the watch, as well as the bag of accumulating coins, there is also a trophy with a number beneath it, what is this?  Where does it come from? How do we manage it?  The only thing similar on the app is the 'challenges' icon, we have not used this as yet as dont know anyone else with a device

2) My child is not old enough to have a device of their own.  When enough activity is done to unlock an adventure move, I need to hand over my phone for the adventure part.... how do I prevent child from then accessing other areas, rewarding themselves by checking off chores which are not complete?  Can I prevent access to certain areas of the app?  How?

3) How can I award a "one-off" reward?  If I list it as a daily chore, child hardly ever gets to complete a full set of daily chores thus is demoralising.  How can I issue a one-off coin e.g. for good behaviour or doing a household task without being asked etc

4) To sync the app with the watch is there a way to do this via the phone?  Or must the button always be pressed on the watch

5) Are the adventure moves limited to one per day?  So if two hours of activity is undertaken in one day you still only achieve one move in the adventure?  |This is not made clear

Finally how long will it take my child to 'complete' the round the world activities which are unlocked, I assume this cannot be an infinite number?  What happens when all the adventure moves have been unlocked?