Syncing steps on multiple devices.

Hello, I have several garmin trackers including the 920xt, vivoactive 3, vivofit 4. When I synced and switched my main tracker from my vivoactive 3 to the vivofit 4 and synced I was hoping the steps would carry over and update from my steps previously taken during the day, however that did not happen.

I know Garmin does a good job of not duplicating activity and time between devices but is there a way to keep the device step counts updates or synced?

Also are there things I should keep in mind while switching devices?
  • I did a ride this morning with my 920XT and I still had my Vivofit 4 on. The 920 does not have the true up feature and I did not set it as my preferred tracker, so I ended up with 9000 plus step on my Vivofit that went right into Garmin Connect. I am guessing I should change my primary tracker to the 920 while riding take off the vivofit 4. I am going to test tomorrow with my vivoactive 3 which does have the true up feature. Any advice or experience anyone can share is much appreciated.
  • Your guess doesn't sound right to me.

    TrueUp is supposed to combine the steps from all your devices including those that aren't the primary tracker. The combined result should show in Connect but might not show on the watch itself depending on the model involved.
  • Thanks pshare. I have an update. Prior to my second post I had waited about an hour after syncing my VivoFit 4 and 920XT a few times and also refreshing GC. But about 30 minutes after I posted my VivofFt 4 and GC corrected themselves on the step count bringing it down 1400 versus the 9000 from the bike ride. I was very happy. The 920XT did not correct steps but that is fine, I mainly wanted GC correct and my daily driver watches to be correct.

    I will also report everything with Apple health, Strava and other apps I use for fun came out correct in the end. So apparently there is a time delay but Garmin sorted it out eventually.